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Can I watch my child's class? (Click for more)

Unfortunately, no.

We have learnt from experience that the overall performance from the classes decreases when there are unfamiliar eyes watching the lesson. In the past, parents have asked to stay due to their child getting upset when they leave - however in nearly every instance, that same child has completely sparked up a few minutes after the parent is away from the classroom, as they can now solely focus on the class material.

Thank you for your understanding.

What does the class consist of? (Click for more)

Each class begins with a warm up of some sort - these consist of drama exercises, vocal warm ups, physical warm ups or stretches and games, and warm ups are varied week by week. Once the students are warm and mentally prepared for the lesson, we begin our course work.

Our average Performing Arts or Musical Theatre classes will break down the time evenly into three sections, learning or rehearsing dance routines, songs and drama pieces. Intertwined with this will be games and activities to keep the students motivated throughout the lesson. Some classes are tailored to a certain activity (e.g. Film Making) and will spend the majority of the lesson on this.

In the lead up to show time, tutors may use their discretion to focus the class more on a particular routine, song or script if they feel it requires more time before being performed on stage, rather than spending equal time on various material. The class will usually conclude with a small game, warm down activity or discussion on the day's progress.

What does the Uniform consist of, and is it compulsory? (Click for more)

The uniform for term-time Performing Arts and Musical Theatre classes consists of the orange Peaches & Pickles T-Shirt or for Green Door Youth Theatre the t-shirt is black (available for purchase from our Online Shop), self provided leggings (Girls - no skirts), self provided loose shorts or trackpants (Boys) and a comfortable shoe (preferably students will wear a Jazz Shoe/Sneaker or Ballet Flat.

Trainers or canvas shoes are fine but please no Jandals/Slip Ons as these are not able to be danced in.

Our Uniform is compulsory for all classes and we will be making sure students are dressed correctly for every lesson.

What is Green Door Youth Theatre? (Click for more)

Green Door Youth Theatre is run by Peaches and Pickles Staff but aimed at 13-17 year old students who want to take their theatrical training to the next level.

Broken down into modules throughout the year, Green Door will not just be a performance class. Although technique and performance in Dance, Singing and Drama will be worked on each week, the class will also educate students on other aspects of the theatre. For example Stage Management, Lighting Design and Theatrical Make-Up.

All of this practical work will be visible in a portfolio which students take home as a tangible example of their new found skills and the progress they have achieved over the year. Contact for more information./p>

What is the difference between Musical Theatre and Performing Arts Classes? (Click for more)

Our Performing Arts Classes are after school classes which take place in various primary schools around Auckland. The material covered in class comes from a number of different genres - for example, students may dance a ballet routine and a jazz routine in the first term, yet learn a hip hop routine and a lyrical routine in term two.

As well as this, songs vary from Pop and Eighties, to Jazz and Modern.‚Äč Drama pieces can be taken from films, plays, musicals or can even be devised by the students themselves.

Our Musical Theatre Classes all take place on a Saturday. This are different from our Performing Arts Classes in that they only cover material from the Musical Theatre repertoire.

Recent musicals we have drawn inspiration from have included, Annie, Mary Poppins, Wicked, Phantom of the Opera and Bugsy Malone. As well as script work, songs and Broadway-style Choreography, these classes focus on technique work also that is carried through the three disciplines of Musical Theatre.

What is the Major Musical and how can I be involved? (Click for more)

Peaches and Pickles stages one well-known musical a year, providing our students an opportunity to perform a full scale musical production in a professional theatre, with an audience over a season of matinees and evening performances.

While lead roles are auditioned in a workshop environment, every student that puts their name forward will be invited to be a part of the ensemble (providing we have not already reached full capacity for cast numbers, and the student is currently enrolled in a Peaches & Pickles or Green Door class).

The rehearsal process is very different from a standard class, so students will get the opportunity to experience a rehearsal environment that is similar to that of most musicals produced today. To be a part of the cast, an administration and costume fee will be charged. There is significant cost to conducting a musical on this scale and this is why we must incur a fee to all cast members

We are always in need of parents who can volunteer their time or services to the production, whether this lies in sewing, set design or construction, props, administration assistance, marketing, backstage supervision, or anything else. If you feel like this is you, please get in touch. We are extremely grateful to anyone who can offer their assistance, however small or large.

In 2013 Peaches and Pickles produced "Disney's Alice in Wonderland Jr". In 2014, we staged the popular musical "Oliver!", 2015 was the epic "Narnia The Musical" and for 2016 we are delighted and excited to be staging "Starlight Express" complete with a roller skating cast of our talented students!!!

If you would like to stay up to date, or be involved, please email

What is your refund policy? (Click for more)

If your child signs up for a term, but within the first 2 lessons decides they would like to discontinue lessons, we may be able to offer up to a 50% return on paid fees. This will be on a case-by-case basis, so please get in touch with us so we are aware of the situation and can deal with it accordingly.

After 3 lessons or more, we regret we can no longer offer a refund on term fees. 


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